Hospitals and Medical Stores in Adoni

The healthcare services provided by a city are one of the main yardsticks to measure its development. Adoni is a major city of the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It falls in the Kurnool district and is an important center for tourism. The healthcare services in Adoni are primarily concentrated in the form of public and private hospitals. The people from neighboring districts, small towns and villages also head to Adoni for their healthcare needs. One can easily find general physicians, ENT specialists, gynecologists and pediatricians, but it becomes difficult to find specialists like – oncologists, speech therapists etc. The hospitals in Adoni cater to different needs of the people. Children’s hospitals, multispecialty hospitals, eye care centers, maternity clinics and many more. There are various government hospitals and ESI dispensaries as well in Adoni.  

Healthcare in Adoni

List of Government Hospitals in Adoni

Government Hospital
Main Road, Near Mangla Goods Transport Company, Adoni
Phone: (08512) 253566

ESI Hospital
Opposite DSP Bungalow, Adoni
Phone: (08512) 254080

ESI Dispensary
Madhavaram Road, Adoni
Phone: (08512) 253944

Government Women & Child Hospital
Nirmal Theatre Road, Adoni
Phone: (08512) 252467

List of Private Hospitals in Adoni

Krishna Hospital
Shop No 21/63, 2nd Road, SKD Colony, Adoni
Phone: (08512) 250739

Jyothi Children’s Hospital
Door No 19/412, Main Road, Below ING Vysya Bank, Adoni
Phone: 09849901060

Sri Balaji Nursing Home
GH Road, Adoni
Phone: 09849281699

H R Hopsital
Kanchigari Street, Adoni
Phone: (08512) 252970

Raphaa Hopsital
Opposite Government Area Hospital, Victoria Pet, Adoni
Phone: (08512) 251387

Prasad Hospital
Zero Road, Beside Electricity Office, SKD Colony, Adoni
Phone: 09396854375

Padmavathi Maternity Hospital
Main Road, Victoriapet, Adoni
Phone: 09440244471

Geetha Children’s Hospital
Shop No. 1/3569, Muneppa Nagar, Yemmiganur, Adoni
Phone: (08512) 255766

Aditya Nursing Home
Shop No. 1-541-135 College Road, Adoni
Phone: (08512) 230722

Pooja Hospital
Zero Rd, SKD Colony, Behind Ashwini Hospital, Adoni
Phone: 09030666124

Devi Nursing Home
Door No 21/491/A, Yammiganur Road, Adoni
Phone: (08512) 252880

Desai Nursing Home
2nd Road, S K D Colony, Adoni
Phone: (08512) 253703

Jyoti Clinic
Beside Government Hospital, Opposite Nirmal Talkies, Yemmiganur Road, Adoni
Phone: (08512) 254585

Vijaylakshmi Nursing Home
3rd Road, SKD Colony, Near Kallumatam, Adoni
Phone: (08512) 253928

Radhalakshmi Nursing Home
MM Road, Adoni
Phone: (08512) 250052

Priya Clinic
Opposite Nirmal Talkies, Adoni
Phone: (08512) 230576

Ongole Clinic
Opposite Basavanna Temple, Flower Bazar, Adoni

Sakthi Nursing Home
Shop no. 25-35, Near Yemmiganur, Adoni
Phone: (08512) 256619

Chekuri Nursing Home
New Bus Stand Road, S K D Colony, Adoni

Madhavi Mother & Child Clinic
3rd Road, S K D Colony, Adoni
Phone: 09704906239

Usha Clinic
B N Talkies Road, Adoni
Phone: (08512) 252024

RK Dental Clinic
Rowjee Complex, Adoni
Phone: (08512) 251525

Olive Dental Clinic
Shop No 1, Sree Lakshamanna Complex, Beside Balaji Nursing Home, Ymr Turning, Adoni
Phone: 09030772933

Satheesh Dental Hospital
Shop No. 19-27, MM Road, Adoni
Phone: 09849207717

KGN Physiotherapy Hospital
Yemmiganur Road, Adoni
Phone: 09985442678

Bhavna Hospital
2nd Road, SKD Colony, Adoni
Phone: (08512) 253850

Kanthi Hospital
Yemmiganur Road, Adoni
Phone: (08512) 252856

Pharmacies in Adoni

The city has numerous chemist stores that cater to the varying needs of people. From local stores to brands like Apollo Pharmacy, one can find them all in Adoni. An increasing number of chemist stores have also started home delivery service for the ease of customers. You can also find some 24 hour chemists and druggists in Adoni.

Chemists in Adoni

Apollo Pharmacy
Shop No 9 & 10, Vbs Complex, Vbs Road, Adoni
Phone: (08512) 254036

Satish Medical Agency
Shop No 12/160, P N Road, Near One Town Police Station, Adoni
Phone: 09490575747

Sri Vadiraja Medical Store
Shop No 47-23, Flower Bazar,  Adoni
Phone: (08512) 254957

Sateesh Medical Center
Shop No. 1, Municipal Road, Adoni
Phone: (08512) 253739

Nama Medical Store
Shop No 4/163, Yemmiganur, Near Main Bazar, Adoni
Phone: (08512) 255962

Sree Veerabadhreshwara Medical Store
Shop No 21-18, Skd Colony, Opposite Government Hospital, Adoni
Phone: 09989986528

Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Medical Store
P N Road, Near 1 Town Police Station, Flower Bazar, Adoni
Phone: 09885417706

Shree Ganesh Medical Store
Shop No 2, M M Road, Adoni

Prashanth Medicals
Yemmigamur Road, Opposite Sapthagiri Lodge, Adoni
Phone: 08008990089

Bhavana Medical Store
19/416, Municipal Road Main Road, Adoni

Sai Srinivasa Medicals
Main Road, Yemignu Circle, Adoni
Phone: 09885379689

Sri Vasavi Medicals
Shop No: 11/4. P N Road., Adoni
Phone: 09160356900

Raghu Medicals
2nd Road, Skd Colony, Adoni
Phone: 09700790790

Sri Gururaja Medical Store
Main Road, M M Road, Adoni
Phone: 09885984674

Desai Medicals
21/170/6, Opposite Women’s Hospital, Adoni
Phone: 09700719780

Sree Sai Jyothi Medical Agency
Shop No2, Rowjee Complex, Adoni
Phone: 09441541214

SS Medicals
Shop No. X/160/1 - X/160/2, Maratwadi Street, Adoni
Phone: 09848518644

Ashwini Medical Store
Door No 21/218/13, Shop No 13 And 14, Adoni
Phone: 07729099999

Sree Hanuman Medical Store
Shop no. 11-51a, Flower Bazar, Adoni
Phone: 09849877967

Siddhi Ganesh Pharmacy
Door No 21/151, Opposite Government Women’s Hospital, Adoni
Phone: 09676110907

Arunodhaya Medical Store
11/413, Opposite Syed Nabipeer Saheb Dargah, Buddekal Street, Adoni
Phone: 08142767888

New Chakoli Medical Store
2/2, Opposite Nizamia Madarsa, Near Medarmasjid Road, Adoni
Phone: 08374477164

Shiva Sai Medical Agencies
21/218// 36/B, Skd Colony Road, Adoni
Phone: 09490526405

Lakshmi Venkateshwara Medicals
A A S College Road, Adoni
Phone: 09440449536

Sree Seshasai Medical Store
21/208-1, Chandasab Darga Road, Adoni
Phone: 09885596052

Om Sai Pharmacy
Shop No18, LB Street, Adoni
Phone: 09052638686

Sri Giri Pharmacy
2/615, Srinivas Nagar Colony, Adoni
Phone: 09963987335

Jhantha Medicals
Municipal Main Road, Adoni
Phone: 09989147745

Aditya Pharmacy
1-541-135, Aditya Nursing Home Compound, Adoni

Sri Thinka Lakshmamma Medical Store
P N Road, Flower Bazar, Adoni

Sri Jerubandi Medical Store
Main Market, M M Road, Adoni
Phone: 09014827182

Sree Raghavendra Medicals
Main Road, Ganesh Circle, Adoni
Phone: 09441470432

Shilpa Pharmacy
Opposite 1 Town Police Station, Adoni
Phone: 09985223399
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